concentric anti epidemic ,joint response to challenges(同心抗击疫

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With the spread of epidemic, the world becomes turbulent, life is very small, in order to survive in order to return back to the vibrant light that "spring", unite people no longer have the racial discrimination, whether it is yellow race, white, black, brown, do not have the difference, we all live in the same world, stamped on the same earth we are "family", we should unite against virus invasion, in order to overcome "COVID - 19" at an early date(随着疫情的不断扩散,世界变得动荡不安,生命显得格外渺小,为了生存为了能重返光明回到生机勃勃的那个"春天",人们团结起来不再有种族歧视,无论是黄色人种、白色人种、黑色人种、棕色人种,都不在有区别,我们都生活在同一片天底下,脚踩同一片大地我们都是"一家人",我们应该团结起来共同对抗病毒的入侵,这样才能早日战胜"COVID-19")